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Private Investment Solutions

The Opportunity

Access the return potential of Private Equity in an Evergreen program.

The Hatteras
Evergreen Private Equity Fund

Focused on North American Lower Middle Market Buyouts, our program is designed to offer private equity’s performance premium in an improved, evergreen structure.

Single Allocation Private Equity Solution

  • Diversified by vintage, manager, stage, strategy, and subclass
  • Evergreen approach to private equity investing
  • Clients have the choice to reinvest or receive distributions

Immediate Exposure through Secondaries

  • Seasoned “in the ground” portfolio
  • Secondary investments allow mitigation of the J-Curve

Lower Middle Market Buyouts

  • Lower middle market private equity has historically outperformed larger private investments
  • Inefficient market offers significant supply / demand imbalance advantages

Learn more about our Evergreen Private Equity Solution

The North American Lower Middle Market Advantage

  • The supply/demand imbalance in Private Equity funding creates a tremendous performance opportunity for funds that are willing to limit capacity.
  • 77% of the money invested in Private Equity funds goes into $1B+ funds. Due to size limitations, the investable universe is limited to only 7% of private companies.
  • Only 23% of the capital invested in Private Equity goes into smaller, capacity disciplined funds ($250M – $1B). 93% of private companies make up the available investment universe for funds of this size.

For more information on how the Hatteras Private Equity Fund may benefit your clients:

We invite you to download a copy of the Hatteras Evergreen Private Equity Fund brochure. Learn more about the solution we built for Advisors, Family Offices, and Consultants.

To request a white paper detailing the opportunity in Lower Middle Market private investments, please email us.

A Message from Our Founder

Your relationship with your clients means everything to us. Hatteras Funds is driven to strengthen the relationship between the Advisor and Client. We create alternative investment solutions designed to help investors build better portfolios.

We are driven to strengthen the relationship between you and your clients.

We serve Advisors, Family Offices, and Consultants. We connect you and your clients to intelligent alternative investments – solutions like you’ll find in our Evergreen Private Equity Fund. It was designed to help investors build better portfolios by focusing on North American Lower Middle Market Buyouts. When we design solutions, we commit to:

Offer Innovation

Provide the many benefits of private investments packaged in ways that solve for the hurdles you and your clients face.

Deliver Greater Flexibility

Eliminate the frustration of constant capital calls, ongoing new vintage diligence, and long-term illiquidity.

Focus on Growth

In our evergreen structure, your clients capture the growth potential of private equity immediately through an in-the-ground, seasoned portfolio created through the use of secondary investments.


We understand the power of aligned interests. Enough so, that we are committed to working only with RIAs, Family Offices, and Consultants. We create solutions that are designed for performance – not mass distribution.

Access Restricted

Thank you for requesting access to our Evergreen Private Equity Fund overview page. Because our private fund is available to a limited audience, please affirm the following:

I affirm that I am a financial professional (Registered Investment Adviser, Institutional Consultant, Family Office Adviser, Financial Intermediary, etc.):

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